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Did you need surgery to repair a broken bone?

Lives can change in an instant, and people who have been involved in car accidents know that better than many people do. One minute you may have simply been trying to get to work on time, and the next minute, a car comes seemingly out of nowhere and crashes into your vehicle. Suddenly, you are experiencing immense pain, confusion and fear.

Soon after the adrenaline subsided, you may have suspected that you had broken one or multiple bones. Car crashes can easily cause these and other serious injuries, and you may worry what it means for your health and your life. Of course, to know the answer to these questions, you will need an evaluation from medical professionals.

Assessing bone breaks

In cases of severe bone fractures, doctors may need to conduct multiple imaging tests in order to make sure that they determine the exact location and severity of the break. This means that you may undergo X-rays, CT scans or MRIs, and spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital waiting for an exact diagnosis and treatment information.

Bone fracture repair

If the imaging tests indicate that the break or breaks are particularly severe or affect your joints, your fractures may not heal properly with a simple cast or splint. Instead, you may need an invasive surgical procedure known as bone fracture repair, which doctors may also refer to as internal fixation surgery or open reduction. Undergoing bone fracture repair means that in order for the bones to properly heal, doctors need to surgically implant metal plates, screws, rods or pins to keep the bones immobile while they heal.

While this procedure may seem extreme, it can prove necessary in order for you to maintain as much function in your joint or other area of breakage as possible. In some cases, you may even need to undergo this treatment if a bone healed improperly by only using a cast or splint.

Dealing with the aftermath

As with any type of surgical procedure, bone fracture repair comes with risks to your overall health and can cause damage to your wallet. However, if your surgery-needing injury resulted from a car accident caused by someone else, you may have reason to seek compensation for these and other damages. If interested, you may want to gain more information on your options for filing a personal injury claim.

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