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Traumatic amputation can leave you with considerable pain

You likely understand that anyone could be involved in a life-changing accident at any time. You may have felt as if your life was heading in a positive direction and that you had the abilities to participate in activities that made your life feel worthwhile when a serious incident resulted in your suffering a catastrophic injury, such as losing a limb. This type of outcome can occur after a severe car accident, and you may not know how to move forward.

Unfortunately, amputation during a car accident or needed amputation as a result of the incident can leave you feeling devastated. Not only have you suffered a serious physical trauma, but this type of event could also leave lasting psychological effects as well.

Type of pain

Obviously, the loss of a limb can leave you with considerable pain. What you may not know, however, is that different types of pain could come with this type of injury. These categories of pain include:

  • Post-amputation pain - You will more than likely experience severe pain at the site of amputation after the event occurs. If the loss of limb occurred during a traumatic accident, this pain may prove more serious than with a surgical amputation. Of course, surgical amputation can also result in pain at the wound site.
  • Residual limb pain - You could also feel pain in the remaining portion of your limb or other areas surrounding the amputation site.
  • Phantom limb sensation - This type of feeling does not necessarily equate with severe pain. In many cases, this feeling may come as a tingly sensation and not altogether painful. Still, it can cause discomfort.
  • Phantom limb pain - This type of pain typically results from nerve issues associated with the amputation. It may seem as if you can still feel pain in your lost limb, and the pain could increase depending on physical and psychological factors.

The type and severity of pain you may experience after amputation may depend on the specific factors of your situation.

Seeking compensation

Because the loss of a limb is a catastrophic injury that can leave your life irreversibly changed, you may feel the need to seek compensation for the resulting damages. Filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for your injury causing car accident could allow you to pursue such restitution. Gaining more information on this legal route may prove useful to you.

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