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The Impact of Spinal Cord Injuries

One spinal cord injury changes many lives forever. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, approximately 11,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries in the United States annually. The majority of spinal cord injury victims are young men. But that statistic does not include the 11,000 families struggling to share the burden of the potentially life-long aftermath of the traumatic event. The number 11,000 fails to even begin to express the profound physical and emotional loss that can accompany this most devastating of all injuries. The financial cost can be absolutely staggering for any family. When the medical community has exhausted its efforts to restore and rehabilitate, the victim and their family must rely on each other to carry on. But sometimes, if the injury was caused by the carelessness of another, the legal system can offer help.

Understanding The True Cost Of A Spinal Cord Injury

Lawyers with experience handling these cases understand the true financial cost of a spinal cord injury. For example, a 30-day acute hospitalization can cost a quarter million dollars or more, and spinal cord rehabilitation facilities charge similar rates. Medical costs are only part of the expenses that confront a person with a spinal cord injury. Caretaking, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, home renovations and vehicle renovations must be paid for, usually by a family with substantial lost earnings.

The Life-Care Plan Is The Blueprint For The Financial Recovery

The life-care plan is a critical piece of evidence in cases involving paralysis. It outlines the lifetime care needs and costs of purchasing that care. Lawyers work with life-care planning experts to prepare and present a life-care plan that exhaustively encompasses all of the injured person's future care needs.

Turning Over Every Stone In Search Of A Full Financial Recovery

It is essential that the law firm representing a spinal cord injury victim thoroughly investigate and identify every person and entity that bears any responsibility to pay these staggering costs. The law firm must then do the critical legal work necessary to impose liability upon all those whose fault contributed to the client's devastation.

Maximizing The Recovery Obtained

The law firm has to aggressively and persuasively deal with health insurers who will claim the health insurance contract and the law entitle them to a substantial portion of the lawsuit proceeds. The law firm must also take into account how any verdict or settlement could impact the victim's eligibility to receive Medicaid benefits and other government assistance in the future. If necessary, the firm may have to create a special needs trust or a design a Medicare Set-Aside to protect and maximize the financial recovery obtained for victims of spinal cord injuries.

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