South Dakota Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

At the Barker Wilson Law Firm, we have closely witnessed the nightmare of a spinal cord injury and understand the enormous physical, emotional and financial burden carried by those who have suffered quadriplegia and paraplegia, as well as their family members.

It is our mission to ease the tremendous burden of grievous injuries by trying to solve the crushing financial burden that often accompanies these injuries. Contact our office to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who cares about your well-being.

Understanding The True Cost Of A Spinal Cord Injury

We understand the true financial cost of a spinal cord injury. In our experience, a 30-day acute hospitalization can cost a quarter million dollars or more, and spinal cord rehabilitation facilities charge similar rates. Medical costs are only part of the expenses that confront a person with a spinal cord injury. Caretaking, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, home renovations and vehicle renovations must be paid for, usually by a family with substantial lost earnings.

The Life-Care Plan Is The Blueprint For The Financial Recovery

The life-care plan is a critical piece of evidence in cases involving paralysis. It outlines the lifetime care needs and costs of purchasing that care. Our lawyers work with the preeminent experts in the country to prepare and present a life-care plan that exhaustively encompasses all of the injured person's future care needs.

Turning Over Every Stone In Search Of A Full Financial Recovery

We also investigate and research to identify every person and entity that bears any responsibility to pay these staggering costs and then do the legal work necessary to impose liability upon all those whose fault contributed to our client's devastation.

Maximizing The Recovery We Obtain

The legal team at Barker Wilson Law Firm will also take into account how any verdict or settlement could impact your eligibility to receive Medicaid benefits and other government assistance in the future while making certain that you receive the best possible compensation package. If necessary, we will help create a special needs trust or a Medicare Set-Aside to protect and maximize the financial recovery we obtain for our clients with spinal cord injuries.

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Please contact the offices of Barker Wilson Law Firm by telephoning us at 605-646-2531 to reach our Rapid City and Belle Fourche, South Dakota, offices. We offer a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys in personal injury cases. We use written contingency fee agreements in all personal injury cases we accept.