Radha and her husband were vacationing in the Black Hills, celebrating Radha's recent retirement. She woke up in the intensive care unit, and was told that a car had run a red light and broadsided her at highway speed. Radha's husband had sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that rendered him incapable of managing his own affairs, much less the family's finances.

When they returned to their home out of state, Radha spent her days assisting with her husband's rehabilitation and tried to find time to deal with her own physical injuries as well. She was soon surrounded by a stack of medical bills and a dizzying array of forms and letters from several insurance companies and Medicare. Not wanting to impose on her adult children with these issues, and being unfamiliar with her legal options, she turned the entire matter over to Barker Wilson. Radha soon learned the identity of everyone who had legal responsibility to her family, as well as their respective ability and duty to pay for the harm she and her husband had suffered.

Armed with reliable information about her rights under the law, Radha was able to make prudent decisions and resolved her case fairly and efficiently and at reasonable cost, maximizing her net recovery.