Peggy and Martin came to town and decided to stop and stay at the motel that advertised special rates and special accommodations for senior citizens. The next morning, after Peggy had finished her shower, she began to step out of the tub. There was nothing for her to hold on to, and her foot slipped and she fell down hard. The emergency room doctor told Peggy she had suffered a compression fracture in her lumbar spine and would have to be hospitalized for several days followed by months in bed with a hard-body cast.

Martin and Peggy asked the motel for help with their medical bills, but the motel denied that it had done anything wrong. So Peggy turned to Barker Wilson, and she soon learned why she had fallen so hard. The ceramic tile floor in the bathroom was supposed to have been slip-resistant, but testing revealed that this tile had slip-resistant characteristics considerably below the industry standard. Peggy also learned that this motel had failed to equip its bathrooms with grab bars, even though the motel's franchise agreement required them. When these and other facts were assembled and presented to the motel's insurer, it was persuaded to accept full responsibility, and it paid all of Peggy's medical bills plus a substantial sum of money to fairly and completely compensate Peggy for the serious bodily injury she had endured. And now there are grab bars in the bathrooms.