Lydia had hired a well-known attorney to represent her after she was rear-ended by a semitractor at a highway intersection. She had successful spinal surgery on her neck, but had worsening pain in her low back and leg. Her attorney wanted her to settle her case without a lawsuit for an amount of money that Lydia didn't think was quite fair, and she was worried about her worsening symptoms. So Lydia sought a second opinion with Barker Wilson.

That meeting confirmed her belief that a settlement should never be considered before the true extent of her harm was known. The trucker's insurance company continued to offer the settlement payment, and her first attorney encouraged her to accept the offer, but Lydia knew better, and she turned it down. A few weeks later, Lydia's surgeon recommended low back surgery, and Lydia turned the case over to Barker Wilson. A lawsuit was filed and Lydia soon learned why the trucker's insurer wanted a quick settlement: the trucker had tested positive for methamphetamines, and an eyewitness had seen him driving from shoulder to shoulder on a hilly two-lane road just a few minutes before he slammed into Lydia's car. The trucking company candidly admitted its driver was at fault, but its insurance company refused to pay for all of the harm Lydia suffered because of the collision. It even hired an out-of-state doctor who testified that Lydia wasn't really hurt in the collision, none of her spinal surgeries were really necessary, but if they were necessary, they were caused by some other event in Lydia's past. The insurance company that once had been eager to make a quick settlement now denied all responsibility. But Lydia refused to be intimidated, and told them she and her lawyers would tell her story to the jury and they'd let the jury decide what was fair. Lydia's courage and persistence prevailed, because shortly before trial the insurance company offered to pay Lydia for all the harm and loss she had endured, a sum that was four times greater than the amount her first attorney wanted her to settle for.