Kate received the phone call that is every parent's nightmare. Her adult son was supposed to be coming home for Christmas, but the highway patrol called and told Kate her son had been killed when a semitractor and trailer plowed into the rear end of his car on the interstate during a blizzard. The highway patrolman said the truck driver was driving too fast for the conditions, but the trucker denied it. So Kate filed a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the trucker accountable for the death of her son so that other trucks might slow down and other families might be spared that dreadful telephone call.

Kate's lawyers hired an accident reconstruction team to measure precisely the degree of crush of the metal of the two vehicles involved in the collision and thus calculated the speed differential between the two vehicles. The sophisticated scientific evidence that Kate gathered was later used by the other occupants of the car, with Kate's permission, to secure justice for all of the victims of the trucker's recklessness.