John and Marsha

John and Marsha had been married for over 50 years. Having raised their six children, they had invested for years in a nursing home insurance policy to protect their life savings and the family farm. When Alzheimer's eventually forced Marsha to a nursing home, John asked the insurance company to keep its promise. It refused, not once, but seven times giving seven different excuses.

As the basis for each excuse was proven wrong or false, the company would come up with another. Eventually the bills became too much. After the savings were spent and the farm was sold for Marsha's care, the only thing John had left was a two-room home without running water. John and Marsha had no choice but to hire a legal team to compel the company to keep its promise.

At trial, the jury returned a verdict for John and Marsha for $13.5 million, finding the company guilty of fraud and deceit. The jury's decision was widely reported, and it was later discovered that the insurance company had intentionally targeted rural America to market its product with the intention of paying few claims while keeping millions of dollars for its owners. As other juries returned similar verdicts, the company was forced to testify before Congress and was featured on a national news program "Bilking the Elderly." The company was forced to agree to never sell nursing home insurance again.