Jane And Darryl

Darryl was at his wife's bedside in the ICU when the doctor told him Jane was quadriplegic. Jane had almost made it home from work when a drinking driver rear-ended her. Their lives had been torn into a million pieces, and the insurance adjuster for the other driver just kept calling and calling, trying to get a statement. Darryl called Barker Wilson instead. Within days, the region's premier accident reconstruction firm was on the scene gathering and preserving evidence necessary to prove liability. An immediate search for eyewitnesses was undertaken and revealed the identity of the passers-by who had seen the collision and rendered emergency aid before departing into the night. A lawsuit was filed almost immediately to preserve the evidence and identify all those responsible for this tragedy. An array of expert and lay witnesses was assembled and prepared to prove in court the family's economic loss, Jane's future care needs, and the profound human loss suffered by Jane and Darryl.

The other driver's insurance company hired an expert witness to testify that they weren't legally responsible for Jane's injury, claiming that cargo in Jane's vehicle had actually caused her severe neck and head injuries. Darryl's lawyers prepared legal briefs that demonstrated that this evidence should not be presented to the jury under the laws of the state. The judge agreed with Darryl's lawyers, and the case was soon resolved.

But then Jane's own health insurance company asked to be reimbursed for the medical bills it had paid, citing the insurance contract and the prevailing federal law that gave health insurance companies the legal right to cut in line and take lawsuit proceeds and pay itself back for all of the money that had been paid to Jane's doctors and hospitals. So Jane's lawyers intervened and persuaded the health insurers to accept in compromise a tiny equitable fraction of their contractual and legal claims, allowing Jane and Darryl to keep the money needed to pay for Jane's around-the-clock care.