While working in the family business, Brett was delivering water to an oil well as requested by the foreman of the crew working on it. To save time for his crew, the foreman asked Brett to hook up his equipment to the well rather than using the equipment that had been brought to the site by the foreman and his crew. Brett was never told that important safety equipment was missing from the wellhead, and Brett did as he was asked. The resulting explosion blew Brett's body into the air so far that when he landed, the force partially severed his spinal cord and caused paralysis and lifelong disabilities. In this time of crisis, Brett sought help from one of the lawyers at Barker Wilson.

A lawsuit was filed, and Brett soon learned that the foreman's company hid records and witnesses in a failed attempt to cover up the cause of the explosion. Brett's lawyers found these witnesses and these records many states away. The witnesses testified that the foreman tried to cover up the cause of the explosion because he had cut corners to save money for his companies. With the truth exposed, the four companies were forced to settle with Brett for an amount that he cannot disclose.